1. How to purchase the digital products?

  • Add your favourite products to the cart by clicking on the “Add to cart” button. You will get the success message in a window. Once you have added your required products click on the Cart icon on the top right side

  • Fill the billing address and select the payment gateway

  • After the successful payment, you will be sent an email containing the link to download your digital purchase

  • The products will be downloaded to your device as Zip file. Please unzip the file to get the actual video/audio

  • Each product will be provided as a separate link for downloading. Please click on the link and download them

  • The download link will be valid for 1 attempt only. Please ensure you have uninterrupted network.

  • Please unzip the file to get the actual video/audio files.

2. Can I download the products more than once?

Any product can be downloaded only once. The link will become invalid after the first download.

3. What happens when the download fails?

In case your download has failed due to network issue or some other issues then feel free to contact us to sort out the issue.

4. My audio/video is not playing or not playing fully. Why?

It may be due to the following possible causes

  • Firstly, please ensure to unzip the zip file, since only after that you can have mp3/mp4 files, that can be played on an Audio/Video Player

  • Due to some network issue the downloaded zip files might have got corrupted.

We use MP3/Mp4 format for our Audio and video respectively. So please use the relevant players that can play the above format. For eg: VLC, Windows Media Player, Quicktime etc;

5. How to contact appropriate person in case of issues faced while purchasing and other issues?

In case of any issue with your purchase/ download, please feel free to contact us.